Next Generation Solid State LIDAR Technology


Enhanced situational awareness with up to 300 meters of long range vision.


Perception through fog, smoke, and at night time.


More information processed than possible for human eyes.


See Everything, Everywhere, ALL The Time…

Low Power

6 watts. Uses 1/10th  the power required by a typical mechanically scanned LIDAR.

No Interference

Immune from of Interference from sunlight or other LIDAR sensors.

Passive Cooling

 Passive cooling, full operation from: -40C to 85C.  with no external fan or minimum airflow requirements.

True Solid State

No moving parts. No calibration required. Able to withstand high shock and vibration.

Long Range

High Resolution Point Cloud with 300m range.



Smart Intelligent Algorithm

BestLIDAR uses advanced Image processing Algorithms, and machine learning technology to deliver high accuracy point clouds.

Semiconductor-level Quality and Reliability

At the heart of the BestLIDAR sensor is a proprietory Light Engine ASIC that steers highly collimated laser light and registers incoming returns necessary to build high-quality Point Clouds.

Together with the custom developed Control and Compute ASIC, the BestLIDAR sensor is able to take advantage of advanced semiconductor technologies to greatly reduce the cost and improve reliability.

Easy and Low Cost Integration

Easy integration into vehicles due to small size, low weight, and low power consumption. BestLIDAR sensor can easily be installed almost anywhere on a vehicle(internal or external).

A single cable supplying 12-48 VDC power and one differential pair of high-speed data link is all that is required to operate the BestLidar sensor.





Powerful Applications across Industries

Although BESTLidar designed the technology to meet the self driving automotive industry needs, the implementation of this technology does not end there.  EPIC 1 is lightweight, small form factor, easy to install, scalable, low cost, highly reliable and stable.  We are ready for the next challenge.  We are looking into Robotics, Maritime and Aerial Industries as well as smart cities and digital twins.

Setting NEW benchmarks for lidar sensors

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