Dan Dina

BestLidar CEO

Dan Dina is an Inventor and Pioneer in the Electronics Industry having Designed and having led development of many of today’s Electronics Industry core technologies in High Performance Computing, DDR memory, PCI Express, and HDMI high speed buses, along with Wired and Wireless Communications, Machine Vision, and LIDAR Sensors.

Currently Best LIDAR’s CEO, Mr. Dina’s passion is to develop the best Sensor Technologies to enable Machine Guidance and Navigation systems, which will open incredible opportunities in transportation, M2M and safety.

An Electrical Engineer by training, Mr. Dina was one of the early Design Engineers at Hewlett Packard working on the design of the highly successful Laser Jet printers, eventually leading the development of many of the most popular models.

While there Mr. Dina advanced the concepts of High-Speed Design, and Low-cost Computing Technologies which made possible the performance and business success of the HP LaserJet Printer family.

While working at Micron Technologies, Mr. Dina together with a team of 80 Engineers developed Intel and AMD chipsets, in the process of designing the world’s first DDR memory bus on PC Motherboards.  This early success, developing high performance memory buses and the methods to implement complex Compute Functionality in low-cost motherboards, further expanded Mr. Dina’s dream of High-Performance low-cost Compute Platforms, and their applications to Machine Vision.

Various other positions in Medical Device Development, at Haemonetics, along with design of advanced FPGA Compute platforms used in the Futures Trading Industry while employed by Trading Technologies, further convinced Mr. Dina that the future of AI, Machine vision and Autonomous Driving depended greatly on Intelligent implementation of Semiconductor technology with inexpensive architectures and Scalable processes to integrate the low cost Control and Processing Logic needed by the industry.

While leading Technical Development at the ITW Tech. Center, Mr. Dina developed and patented many concepts in Interference Mitigation of Wireless Communication networks, and Camera based Image Processing Platforms used in industrial Extensometer designs, leading to development of highly successful products for several ITW divisions.

Mr. Dina’s passion for Machine Vision and Autonomous Driving, led him to join Google’s Autonomous Vehicle team, which developed some of the Early Self driving Technologies using LIDAR, which eventually spawned many of the current leaders in the Autonomous Driving Industry.

As Vice President of Engineering for Best Circuits Inc., Mr. Dina led Hardware, Firmware and Software Development of Camera based Sensors used in Automotive ADAS systems along with M2M technology enabling automated Control and reporting of Industrial Equipment in the cloud.

Under Mr. Dina’s leadership, Best Circuits became a leader in M2M HW and Embedded Controllers, capable of providing seamless connectivity of Hardware through custom Firmware and Web Applications to facilitate secure access of users to their data in the Cloud.  Mr. Dina’s through understanding of State of the Art Technologies along with Design and Manufacturing of Electronic devices was able to provide advanced solutions to BCI’s customers.

Mr. Dina’s passion for Autonomous Driving, attracted him to Luminar Technologies as their Sr. Director of Electrical System Design where he led HW and FW Engineering teams in the development of arguably the best Mechanically Scanned LIDAR sensor.   While at Luminar, Mr. Dina met Luis Alvarez who was the Sr. Director of Advanced Manufacturing at Luminar, the two developing a great professional relationship and a shared vision for the Autonomous Guidance Industry need for Solid State Lidar.


Luis M. Alvarez

BestLidar COO

Mr. Alvarez is the COO for BestLIDAR, a Florida-based company which Designs and Manufactures Solid State LIDAR Sensors.

Mr. Alvarez has over 29 years of experience Managing leading-edge technologies in the areas of Industrial IIoT, Manufacturing, Automation, Research & Development, Auto Industry LIDAR, Military Optronics.

Mr. Alvarez has held technical and executive positions in companies such as Raytheon, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technology, P-COM, JDS Uniphase, CONTEC DTx, DRS Optronics, Luminar Technologies, and Sollensys.

During his tenure at Raytheon, AT&T Bell Laboratories and Lucent Technologies, Mr. Alvarez lead and managed Engineering teams in the design of wireless, optical and automation products. Mr. Alvarez also automated large manufacturing facilities and implemented LEAN processes.

At Lucent Technologies, he managed the final assembly, test, and logistics operations of a telecommunication and automation factory of $460 million per quarter, as well as being involved in the opening and automation of factories in China, Mexico, Spain and multiple locations in the US.

Mr. Alvarez also worked with start up companies such as P-COM JDSU, Luminar Technologies, and Sollensys) in implementing the necessary changes to successful lead the company in entering the selected technology markets. Mr. Alvarez successfully led the operations and engineering teams in such companies to grow revenues to $156 million.  Mr. Alvarez also participated in multiple mergers and acquisitions.

As Vice President of Business Integrations at CONTEC DTx, a Japanese Technology based company with operations in the US, providing industrial automation, IIoT and M2M products for the past 40 years, Mr. Alvarez led the Operations and Engineering team, and changed the company fundamental operations, processes resulting in a best in class operations and financially sound company.  His leadership and vision led to the purchase by CONTEC, Japan.

Mr. Alvarez also led the global integration of both companies during and post the merger process and the Business Development activities in the US and NAFTA regions for automation and IoT/IIoT/M2M as Vice President of the organization.

Mr. Alvarez also has experience in working with high tech. in the military sector with companies such as Martin Marietta/Lockheed, DRS Technologies, and support agencies such as NSA National Security Agency operations Cobra Judy USNS Observation Island.

Mr. Alvarez has extensive experience in working with multiple Start Up companies and successful mergers and acquisitions. He was the Director of Engineering at P-COM, developing point to multipoint wireless high frequency RF radio technology.   VP of Operations at the JDS Uniphase factory in Melbourne Florida, manufacturing the latest technology for Optics Transponders, where he architected and built the company largest and most efficient fully automated factory.

Luis was the VP of Engineering and Operations for DTx Medical Solutions and Contec Automation. Luis was the Director of Advance Manufacturing at Luminar Technologies tasked with the design, construction and automation of the LIDAR sensor Factory for Self Driving Vehicles.  He has worked for Sollensys on Blockchain and Data Security Encryption technology.

Luis is fluent in English, Spanish, and practices other languages. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineer from Florida Institute of Technology, and also Executive MBA from Centenary College, Stanford University Program for AT&T Employees.